Nature-Powered Face Masks

Which one is right for you?

From dry skin to oily skin, our range of face masks are formulated to address multiple skin concerns and help improve the appearance of your complexion. Whether you are searching for a face mask for oily skin, searching for the best face mask for dry skin, or hoping to try out the multi-masking trend for your shifting skin concerns, we have it covered. Read on to find out which nature-inspired mask is best for you

Concern: Firming

Ever dreamed of waking up to younger-looking skin? This anti-aging mask melts onto skin to immediately firm and smooth while softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Formulated with Botanical Hibiscus, whose flowers are known to close during the night to preserve nectar, this velvety cream mask hydrates skin while you sleep.

  • Massage onto clean skin with an upward motion and feel the formula begin to work instantly.
  • Leave on overnight.
  • In the morning, cleanse skin to remove mask.
  • Recommended for use five times a week.

Concern: Dull Skin

Tired of dull, fatigued skin? This invigorating face mask helps energize skin for a healthier-looking, rosy appearance. Equal parts face mask and face scrub, our exfoliating facial mask is formulated with Turmeric Extract and Cranberry Seeds to visibly improve the overall look of skin, revealing a beautiful glow.

  • Apply our Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask after cleansing and toning.
  • Allow mask to dry for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water and massage skin in a gentle, circular motion, allowing cranberry seeds to exfoliate skin
  • Pat dry with a soft towel. Use up to three times a week.

Concern: Pollution

Stand up to pollution with this overnight face mask. Powerful ingredients Cilantro and Orange Extract help replenish and protect skin’s surface against impurities and environmental aggressors.*

  • Apply a visible layer of our pollutant-defending face mask after cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Leave on for 5 minutes and tissue off.
  • Pat in excess, leaving a thin protective layer on skin to work overnight.
  • Recommended for use three times per week at night.
    *Pollutant tested – black iron-oxide

Concern: Soothing Hydration

There’s a reason our Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask is a cult favorite. This lightweight gel face mask–formulated with hand-picked Calendula flower petals and Aloe Vera–bursts into a refreshing surge of cooling hydration upon application to instantly soothe skin. With continued use, skin is revitalized for a healthy-looking complexion.

  • After cleansing, apply a visible layer of this hydrating face mask to skin and leave on for just 5 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water and massage gently in a circular motion.
  • Pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Try this three times a week.

Concern: Deep Hydration

Imagine waking up to deeply hydrated skin. Formulated with Glacial Proteins and Desert Plants, this intensive overnight face mask helps replenish skin’s water reserves for long-lasting hydration and radiant-looking skin that feels soft and supple. The best part? This creamy, hydrating face mask is suitable for all skin types.

  • Apply a generous layer of this moisturizing face mask onto clean skin and leave on for 10 minutes.
  • Tissue off any excess.
  • Use once a week before bed.

Concern: Clogged Pores

Watch clogged pores visibly diminish over time with this purifying clay mask, made with Amazonian White Clay and Bentonite. Our formula helps absorb excess oil and works to draw out surface dirt and debris that may contribute to the appearance of enlarged pores, for a more refined skin texture.

  • Apply a thin layer of this clay face mask to damp, clean skin and allow to dry (approximately 10 minutes).
  • When dry, gently remove using a warm, wet towel and pat dry.
  • Recommended for use once or twice a week.

Concern: Smoothing

Indulge your skin with an exotic, hydrating sheet mask infused with a blend of Cold-Pressed Amazonian Oils. By optimizing the benefits of biocellulose and hydrogel masks, our unique 2-piece treatment comfortably adheres with a no-mess application. Formulated with Copaiba Resin Oil, Pracaxi Oil and Andiroba Oil, this oil-infused sheet mask nourishes and replenishes for instantly smoother skin.

  • Carefully unfold sheet mask and remove clear backing.
  • On clean skin, gently apply top layer by smoothing the mask from the center of your face outward.
  • Apply bottom layer and repeat.
  • Leave hydrogel mask on for 10 minutes.
  • After removing, massage any remaining formula into skin.
  • Maybe used up to four times a week.

lessons in multi-tasking

Shifting skin concerns sometimes require a more targeted approach. That’s where multi-masking comes in. Our face masks can work together on different areas to help you experience your healthiest-looking skin yet.

Concern: Dull Skin + Hydration

Help brighten your complexion and visibly improve the appearance of skin imperfections by simultaneously applying our targeted face masks for radiant-looking skin that feels energized.

  • Gently exfoliate the T-zone area with Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask to help remove surface dirt and oil.
  • Apply Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask on cheeks, for a refreshing surge of hydration.
  • Rinse off, then pat dry.

Concern: Clogged pores + dry skin

Visibly refine the appearance of enlarged pores along the T-zone and add cooling hydration to cheeks with this face mask combo, for skin that appears smoother and healthier-looking over time.

  • Apply Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask on the T-zone area to help draw out excess oil and surface debris.
  • Apply Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask on cheeks for a soothing burst of moisture.
  • Rinse off, then pat dry.

Concern: Dry skin + Pollution

Experience long-lasting hydration and help defend skin’s surface against pollutants when you pair these two replenishing face masks.

  • Apply Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Mask on the T-zone area to help remove surface impurities. Leave on for 5 minutes. Tissue off any excess.
  • Apply Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask on cheeks. Leave on overnight for skin that feels soft and smooth upon waking.